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Mushroom Identification Guide

This foraging guide is designed to help identify edible mushrooms (fungi) and their poisonous lookalikes growing in the UK. This backs up information given on foraging courses led by The Foraging Course Company. Mushrooms (fungi) are listed alphabetically by common name.
These online guides are a new feature, so are constantly expanding. Keep checking back for more as the season progresses!
When foraging for food, it is vital that you are 100% sure of your identification. 

Amethyst Deceiver - Laccaria amethystina

Amethyst Deceiver
Laccaria amethystina

A beautiful purple-coloured edible mushroom

Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica

Beefsteak Fungus
Fistulina hepatica

Looks so much like beef it even "bleeds"

Blusher - Amanita rubescens

Amanita rubescens

An edible member of the Amanita family

Brown Birch Bolete - Leccinum scabrum

Brown Birch Bolete
Leccinum scabrum

Growing with Birch trees, this is a common mushroom


Cantherellus cibarius

A highly-sought after edible mushroom

Common Earthball - Scleroderma citrinum

Common Earthball
Scleroderma citrinum

This poisonous mushroom is a common woodland find


Laccaria laccata

The range of shapes of this mushroom gives it is name

False Saffron Milkcap - Lactarius deterrimus

False Saffron Milkcap
Lactarius deterrimus

One of the edible orange milk Lacatarius found with Spruce

Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria

Fly Agaric
Amanita muscaria

This poisonous mushroom has an infamous appearance

Giant Polypore - Meripilus giganteus

Giant Polypore
Meripilus giganteus

A many-layered bracket fungus most often on Beech

Grey Oyster - Pleurotus ostreatus

Grey Oyster
Pleurotus ostreatus

Can be found from summer through to winter

Hen fruit.JPG

Hen of the Woods
Grifola Frondosa

Found at the base of Oak trees and also called Maitake

Horn of plenty (Craterellus cornucopioides)

Horn of Plenty
Craterellus cornucopioides

A good edible mushroom but very difficult to spot

Meadow Puffball - Lycoperdon pratense

Meadow Puffball
Lycoperdon pratense

One of the grassland loving puffballs

Mosaic Puffball - Lycoperdon utriforme

Mosaic Puffball
Lycoperdon utriforme

One of the larger members of the puffball family 

Parasol - Macrolepiota procera

Macrolepiota procera

A large and easy to spot mushroom 

Porcelain Fungus

Porcelain Fungus
Mucidula mucida

Has an extremely slimy cap and grows on dead Beech

Russula silvestris

Russula silvestris
Russula silvestris

A poisonous members of the Russula family

Scaly Wood Mushroom - Agaricus langei

Scaly Wood Mushroom
Agaricus langei

An edible mushroom that stains red when damaged

Scarletina Bolete

Scarletina Bolete
Neoboletus praestigiator

An edible bolete that has red pores and stains blue when cut

Sheathed Woodtuft - Kuehneromyces mutabilis

Sheathed Woodtuft
Kuehneromyces mutabilis

This mushroom requires advanced identification

Sordid Blewit - Lepista sordida

Sordid Blewit
Lepista sordida

This mushroom is often confused for the Wood Blewit

Stump Puffball - Lycoperdon pyriforme

Stump Puffball
Lycoperdon pyriforme

A puffball found on dead and decaying wood

Terracotta hedgehog (Hydnum rufescens)

Terracotta Hedgehog
Hydnum rufescens

A diminutive and red-orange hedgehog mushroom

Velvet Shank - Flammulina velutipes

Velvet Shank
Flammulina velutipes

A mushroom that can be found in the depths of winter

Winter Chanterelle

Winter Chanterelle
Craterellus tubaeformis

A moss loving late season mushroom

Wood Mushroom - Agaricus sylvicola

Wood Mushroom
Agaricus silvicola

A member of the Agaricus family food in woodland

Aniseed Funnel - Clitocybe odora

Aniseed Funnel
Clitocybe odora

The strong smell of aniseed gives this mushroom its name

Birch Polypore - Fomitosis betulina

Birch Polypore
Fomitopsis betulina

An inedible mushroom but with many other uses

Blushing Wood Mushroom - Agaicus sylvaticus

Blushing Wood Mushroom
Agaricus sylvaticus

A edible red-staining member of the Agaricus family

Brown Rollrim - Paxillus involutus

Brown Rollrim
Paxillus involutus

A commonly found deadly poisonous mushroom

Chicken of the Woods - Laetiporus sulphureus

Chicken of the Woods
Laetiporus sulphureus

This edible mushroom is easy to spot because of its colour

Common Pufball - Lycoperdon perlatum

Common Puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum

Covered in sharp warts, this is a woodland puffball

Dryad's Saddle - Cerioporus squamosus

Dryad's Saddle
Cerioporus squamosus

A large bracket fungus that grows on broadleaf trees

Field Blewit - Lepista saeva

Field Blewit
Lepista saeva

A grassland mushroom with a beautiful purple stem

Fool's Funnel - Clitocybe rivulosa

Fool's Funnel
Clitocybe rivulosa

deadly poisonous mushroom growing in rings

Giant Puffball - Calvatia gigantea

Giant Puffball
Calvatia gigantea

A huge mushroom that is easy to identify

Grey Spotted Amanita - Amanita excelsa

Grey Spotted Amanita
Amanita excelsa

An edible mushroom but not one for novices

Herald of Winter

Herald of Winter
Hygrophorus hypothejus

Appearing at the start of the colder months

Horse Mushroom - Agaricus arvensis

Horse Mushroom
Agaricus arvensis

Often found in grassland and sometimes near trees

Meadow Waxcap - Cuphophyllus pratensis

Meadow Waxcap
Cuphophyllus pratensis

A meadow mushroom that prefers colder weather

Mousseron - Marasmius oreades

Marasmius oreades

A common fairy ring causing mushroom of grassland

Penny Bun - Boletus edulis

Penny Bun
Boletus edulis

One of the most highly-prized edible mushrooms

Red Cracking Bolete - Xerocomellus chrysenteron

Red Cracking Bolete
Xerocomellus chrysenteron

An often misidentified common bolete

Saffron Milkcap - Lactarius deliciosus

Saffron Milkcap
Lactarius deliciosus

This orange mushroom is considered an excellent edible

Scarlet Elfcup

Scarlet Elfcup
Sarcoscypha austriaca

A brightly coloured mushroom that is goblet-shaped

Shaggy Inkcap - Coprinus comatus

Shaggy Inkcap
Coprinus comatus

A distinctive mushroom that disappears quickly

Slippery Jack - Suillus luteus

Slippery Jack
Suillus luteus

A bolete with an extremely slimy cap surface

St George's Mushroom - Calocybe gambosa

St George's Mushroom
Calocybe gambosa

Often found in parkland during springtime

Sulphur Tuft - Hypholoma fasiculare

Sulphur Tuft
Hypholoma fasicular

A commonly sighted poisonous mushroom

The Prince - Agaricus augustus

The Prince
Agaricus augustus

The most prized member of the Agaricus family

Weeping Bolete Pores

Weeping Bolete
Suillus granulatus

Named due to the milky droplets leaking from its pores 

Wood Blewit - Lepista nuda

Wood Blewit
Lepista nuda

A woodland mushroom often found in colder weather

Yellow Stainer - Agaricus xanthodermus

Yellow Stainer
Agaricus xanthodermus

poisonous member of the Agaricus family

Bay Bolete - Imleria badia

Bay Bolete
Imleria badia

A sought after bolete that often fruits in good numbers

Blue Foot Bolete - Xerocomellus cisalpinus

Blue Foot Bolete
Xerocomellus cisalpinus

A commonly found bolete but not the best tasting

Branched Oyster - Pleurotus cornucopiae

Branched Oyster
Pleurotus cornucopiae

A funnel-shaped mushroom found on dead broadleaf trees

Cauliflower Fungus - Sparissis crispa

Cauliflower Fungus
Sparissis crispa

A distinctive mushroom with many folds of ragged flesh

Clouded Agaric - Clitocybe nebularis

Clouded Agaric
Clitocybe nebularis

Considered edible by some but poisonous by others

Deathcap Stem

Amanita phalloides

A notorious deadly poisonous mushroom

False Deathcap - Amanita citrina

False Deathcap
Amanita citrina

Inedible and a lookalike of deadly poisonous relatives

Field Mushroom - Agaricus campestris

Field Mushroom
Agaricus campestris

Found in pastureland, often in great numbers

Fried chicken main.jpg

Fried Chicken Mushroom
Lyophyllum decastes

Found growing in tight clumps on disturbed ground

Glistening Inkcap - Coprinellus micaceus

Glistening Inkcap
Coprinus micaceus

A common sight on rotting wood and tree stumps

Hedgehog stem.jpg

Hedgehog Fungus
Hydnum repandum

A firm-fleshed mushroom with spines instead of gills

Honey Fungus - Armillaria mellea

Honey Fungus
Armillaria mellea

A common parasitic mushroom the is edible with caution

Larch Bolete

Larch Bolete
Suillus gravillei

A commonly found bolete that grows with Larch

Medusa Mushroom - Agaricus boshusii

Medusa Mushroom
Agaricus bohussi

A distinctive and uncommon  Agaricus family member

Pale Oyster - Pleurotus pulmonarius

Pale Oyster
Pleurotus pulmonarius

A summer fruiting oyster mushroom 

Pestle Puffball - Lycoperdon excipuliforme

Pestle Puffball
Lycoperdon excipuliforme

One of the more strangely shaped puffballs

Rooting Bolete - Caloboletus radicans

Rooting Bolete
Caloboletus radicans

A pale-coloured poisonous bolete that bruises blue 

Salty Mushroom - Agaricu bernardii

Salty Mushroom
Agaricus bernardii

Found on grassland near the coast and gritted roadsides

Scarlet Waxcap - Hygrocybe coccinea

Scarlet Waxcap
Hygrocybe coccinea

Although edible, collection for eating is discouraged

Shaggy Parasol - Chlorophyllum rhacodes

Shaggy Parasol
Chlorophyllum rhacodes

This large mushroom is edible with caution

Snowy Waxcap - Cuphophyllus virgineus

Snowy Waxcap
Cuphophyllus virgineus

One of the more commonly seen Waxcaps

Stinkhorn - Phallus impudicus

Phallus impudicus

A foul smelling mushroom that grows from an "egg"

Tawny Grisette - Amanita fulva

Tawny Grisette
Amanita fulva

A woodland mushroom with striations on its cap

Trooping Funnel - Clitocybe geotropa

Trooping Funnel
Clitocybe geotropa

A very tall mushroom found in troops and rings

Weeping Widow - Lacrymaria lacrymabunda

Weeping Widow
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda

A saprobic mushroom that "cries" black tears

Wood Ear or Jelly Ear - an edible foraged mushroom

Wood Ears
Auricularia-auricula judae

Found all year round most often on elder 

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