Blackberry and sloe gin sorbet

This indulgent recipe packs some real wow factor — but is easily foraged and deceptively simple to make

Blackberry and sloe gin sorbet is simple to make and tastes divine
Blackberry and sloe gin sorbet is simple to make and tastes divine

The Victorians had some undeniably brilliant ideas — and one of their traditions was that sorbets were always made with alcohol.

Some traditions are well worth preserving and, although the Victorians opted for some more adventurous combinations, such as ginger wine and cucumber, we think our take on the alcoholic sorbet is one of the finest marriages you could encounter.

Blackberry and sloe gin sorbet

The luxurious blend of plummy, full-bodied, sweet gin and fresh hedgerow blackberries is a match truly made in heaven. It’s almost hard to believe that something quite so refined can be made from two of the most abundant early Autumn fruits, or that this sorbet hasn’t become a British tradition in itself — it really is that good.

Sloe gin takes around three months to develop, so it is best to use last year’s stock for this recipe. If you don’t have some ready-made sloe gin, you can always freeze the blackberries and wait until this year’s batch is ready. This sorbet would certainly make an impressive dessert for festive entertaining!


500g blackberries

200g caster sugar

200ml water

Juice of ½ a lemon