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Cow Parsley strip

Introduction to umbellifers

About this course 

The Carrot family, otherwise known as the Umbellifer or Apiaceae family, is an intriguing group of plants. It contains some of our most loved herbs and vegetables, like carrots (obviously!), parsnips, celery, fennel, dill, and parsley. Its members also include some seriously poisonous, even deadly, individuals like Hemlock, Hemlock Waterdropwort, and Fool's Parsley.

Their beautiful umbrella-shaped flower heads adorn different habitats, and they provide important food sources for wildlife.

The similarity between some of this family's members often discourages learning about them. However, a bit of help with those first steps can help you on your road to discovering more about these fascinating plants.

Join our webinar to discover more about the carrot family.

Aimed at beginners, the session will include:

  • the basics of identifying umbellifers/apiaceae 

  • introduction to botanical terms 

  • uses of umbellifers 

  • folklore and fun facts

Rock Samphire



Cost and duration

£XX per person (inc fees) 

Time: XX


Online - details on booking 

Edibility will not be a focus of this course

Please note that tickets are non-refundable or transferable once booked

Full terms and conditions here

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