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Expired or expiring vouchers

The information below is in regards to expired or soon to expire vouchers


In 2021, we ran more courses than in the previous three years combined and invested heavily in order to do this with additional venues and instructors. As our courses are small outdoor events, we were unaffected by restrictions in 2021 save for six courses at the beginning of the season, which have since been rescheduled and rerun.

In 2020, only courses in March, April and May, and one week in November were affected by restrictions. All of these courses were already fully booked before restrictions were imposed and all of those booked on to those courses have either been refunded or have completed another course. Once restrictions were lifted from 1 June 2020, we employed extra instructors, booked extra venues and were able to run double the amount of courses than had been originally scheduled for the entire year.

Using your voucher before it expires for courses happening beyond the expiry date 

As long as you do it before your voucher expires, you can use your voucher to book on to any half-day foraging courses that are listed on the website that take place within six months of your voucher’s expiry date. This is an extension to validity that we have added within the past 12 months.

The course I wanted to go on was full when I tried to book, I haven't had time, or I forgot

It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to allow enough time to book onto courses before they become fully booked. Course dates are listed between six and nine months in advance of the course happening.

Vouchers do not guarantee places on any specific course, at any specific venue or during any specific season. Over the course of a year, there are a much larger number of spaces available for people with vouchers to book onto than there are vouchers in circulation. In 2021 and 2022, we have run/put on more courses in each of those years than in the previous three years combined and have invested heavily in order to do this with additional venues and instructors.


In the past we have offered a charged for extensions service, this is only available on vouchers originally purchased before 1 June 2022. However, we no longer offer this type of voucher and do not offer extensions. It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to redeem their voucher within its expiry time.

Why does it make any difference to if my voucher has expired?

When a voucher is purchased, the company invests in additional spaces throughout the year it is valid to allow voucher holders spaces to book on to. If these spaces are not taken by voucher holders, the company cannot resell them. The income from the voucher sale has been used to facilitate these spaces already meaning it is spent on those course places as soon as it is purchased. This is the reason our voucher numbers for course places are limited.

Last minute voucher redemption

Voucher codes expire automatically at one minute to midnight (23:59) on their expiry date. A member of our team is rostered to monitor our emails, contact forms, answerphone messages and booking system until midnight on the last day of every month should anyone attempting to make a last minute voucher redemption before their code's expiry need any assistance.

Can I get a refund on my voucher?

Cancellations of a voucher for a refund can only be requested by the person (the customer) who originally bought the voucher on unused vouchers and this must be done within 14 days of purchase. Subject to cancellation fees.

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