Voucher Extensions

Extend your voucher

If you have been unable to use your voucher before its expiry date, you may wish to extend it. Other information on expired or soon to expire vouchers can be found here.


Extensions run for 12 months from the original expiry date of your voucher. So, if your voucher expired on 31 December 2020, and you extended it today, your new expiry date would be 31 December 2021.

Extensions fees are per place, so if your voucher code is for you plus a guest and you require both voucher spaces to be extended, this will require two voucher place extensions. 

Extensions extend the validity period of the code, you will not receive a new digital or print voucher.


Extensions are not available on vouchers that expired more than 12 months ago.


Please note that once purchased voucher extensions are non-refundable.

Buy voucher extensions

Voucher extension £15 per place (inc VAT and fees) - Buy here

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We cannot guarantee what species will be growing on any given course date. Springtime and summer courses are predominantly plant focused, with mushrooms sometimes found depending on seasonal weather. Summer courses should also have fruits and flowers to learn about. Autumn courses are mostly mushroom-focused with a small amount of plants available.