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Biofluorescent (UV) flora and fauna

About this event

Outside of the visible light spectrum, which is the part that the human eye can see, is a glowing ultraviolet wonderland normally only glimpsed by creatures with specialised eyes. After dark, and with the help of UV torches, we can get a glimpse of the fluorescent world that is usually hidden from us.


On this walk you will 

  • discover biofluorescence in nature, such as plants, fungi, lichens, slime moulds, insects, molluscs and annelids 

  • learn why nature fluoresces in particular colours

  • find out which equipment to use to go on your own UV hunt

  • enjoy an evening in a quiet country garden exploring nature


You will need to bring with you a normal torch and £10 cash deposit for each UV torch you wish to borrow for the evening (or bring your own UV torch). 

This is a guided walk for informative entertainment rather than a structured course - there will be no foraging and identification will not be a focus

Crust fungus glowing under UV light


Monday 25 March 2024 6.30pm - Full! Join waiting list

Tuesday 26 March 2024 6.30pm - Full! Join waiting list
More dates released late summer 2024

Cost and duration

£20 per person (inc fees and garden entrance)

6.30pm - 8pm 


Cerney House, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, 


Varying terrain, mostly grassland, parkland, gardens and woodland tracks. Some hilly areas.

Age limit

Participants must be aged 18 years or older - no children under 18 or babes in arms allowed on this course


Dogs are not allowed to be brought along on this course

Parking and facilities.

Free car parking on site. Toilets and small café on site 

Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions here

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